Aquata Returns
Season 1, Episode 21
Aquata Returns
Airdate September 15th 2013 (Netflix)
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Zac is swimming in the sea and sees another the mermaid. When she turns we realise that it is Aquata. She torpedoes away before Zac can get a close look at her. She comes into the moon pool and tells Sirena that she can return to the pod but the council say she could not be responsible for all mermaids. Zac uses the trident to find the moon pool he finds it by Aquata leaving and the trident detecting her. He finds the moon pool after Sirena and Aquata leaves. The mermaids return and he says they better be gone by tommorow. They come into a fight with Zac at his house and Sirena throws the trident in the water. Lyla grabs it and starts swimming away. After 5 Minutes of heading to the moon pool she becomes weak and hides the trident and returns to the moon pool. Aquata tells Sirena she doesnt have to return to the pod if she doesnt want too. I don't have a