Decision Time PlotEdit

The episode begins with Cam order kilos of fish and asks for delivery. Nixie asks Cam where the trident is. It is revealed to be in his school locker. Zac and Evie discuss how Zac is a merman. Cam asks Zac if he is really going to give up his tail and powers. Lyla and Sirena asks to see the trident. After opening Cam's locker and not seeing the trident, Nixie figures out she has been tricked. Cam goes to mako with the Trident. Cam tricks Evie into thinking that the mermaids will turn Zac into a full time merman. Zac and Cam fight over the trident and Zac is electrified. Cam opens the portal to the moon pool. As he reaches the bottom the mermaids come up and push him up with their moon rings. Lyla and Sirena's moon rings run out and Nixie's is about to loose power. At that moment Zac jumps up and telekeneticly forces the trident out of Cam's hand. The trident is destroyed. The full moon cycle finished and Nixie lets go of Cam. The next day the mermaids earn their moon rings. Zac, Lyla, Sirena and Nixie race to Mako and the episode ends, concluding Season 1.