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Welcome To The Mako Island Of Secrets Wikia. This Wikia revolves all around the TV Show Mako Island Of Secrets originally named Mako Mermaids.

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Season 2

Check out the trailer for Season 2.

MAKO MERMAIDS Season 2 Official Trailer

MAKO MERMAIDS Season 2 Official Trailer

About Mako Island Of Secrets

Teenagers Zac and Cam decide to camp on Mako Island unaware that three mermaids Lyla, Sirena and Nixie are watching them. Zac discovers a cave and comes into contact with the magic water of the moon pool during the full moon which causes him to recieve a tail and powers. The mermaid pod are forced to leave mako island leaving behind the three mermaids. Before one of the members leaves she gives Sirena her moon ring. The Mermaids then obtain legs and now must look for Zac to take away his powers before everything becomes bad to worse and so the mermaid pod can finally return to mako island knowing everything is ok. After successfully destroying the trident Zac is no longer a threat to the mermaids of mako. A few months later the mermaids (Lyla and Nixie arent seen) return to the pod and let them know that Zac is no longer a threat and they are friends. Aquata tells them if he wasnt a threat they would return. Two mermaids Ondina and Mimmi return to Mako and obtain legs and that night on the full moon they take him to the moon pool and create a potion to take away his powers. Being scared Evie asks Cam to take her to Mako and she swims into the moon pool during the full moon. The next day Evie finds out she is a mermaid. Now Sirena, Ondina and Mimmi must take away Zac's powers and also they are unaware that the new merman Erik is bent on seizing Mako Island for his own.

Main Characters