Meeting Rita

Lyla goes exploring through the reef looking for Zac. Nixie asks what if his tail is temporary. Cam goes to Zacs house so they can go to the cafe for breakfast before school. Zac eats lots of prawns and Evie asks why. Nixie, Lyla and Sirena show up and ask Zac to show them around. Evie gets jealous and asks Zac if they can go to school. The Mermaids go into the biology lab and get disgusted when they learn about the human body. The Principal Rita notices them and walks away. During their break the mermaids decide to pull away Zacs powers. But they muck up and get him splashed with water. Rita notices they have powers. Zac gets away and drys his tail before Evie enters. The School Principal takes Sirenas moon ring. They follow her home and discover that she has a mermaid cave. When they enter they see Rita return from her Swim and she has a Tail. They threaten her and say if they dont help her and return their moon ring they will tell the school about her tail. The Episode then ends.